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Matt Arons on radio Kol Ramah

Hayom Shehaya – June 28, 2017

The first Shorashim show, some great interviews, and a beautiful live acoustic cover. Listen to today’s highlights on Kol Ramah 102.3FM.

First Day Of KAYITZ 2017

First Day Of KAYITZ 2017

Listen to our WELCOME TO KAYITZ 2017 special show. Hosted by Yaniv Morozovsky, Liana Baranskiy and Jacob Varon.

Solelim Intensive Caper

Solelim Intensive Caper

Solelim’s intensive radio project: for 3 days the campers wrote a script for a radio story, recorded sound effects all around camp and recorded it in the studio. Listen to the result, edited by Yaniv Morozovsky and Sammy Sandler, Kol Ramah.

Camper 2017 Day

Podcast: Camper 2017 Day

The families and the future campers are visiting Camp Ramah in the Berkshires, and Kol Ramah is there to capture the moment.