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Kol Ramah

Podcast: Tisha B’Av Debate – Kayitz 2013

Rabbi Eliot Malomet moderated a debate on Tisha B’Av on the relevance of the current style of commemoration, including fasting and other aspects of mourning.

The focus of the debate was on the following statement: “Be it resolved that after 2,000 years of continuous mourning for the destruction of Jerusalem and the two temples it is time to stop and declare that the days of our mourning have ended.”

Debate Participants:

In favor:

Ellie Geller
Ari Schoenburg
Yakov Malomet
Rabbi David Wise (Coach)

Avital Morris
Mia Appelbaum
Allen Lipson
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky (Coach)

Gesher Show 2017 - The Beauty and the Beast

Gesher Show 2017 – The Beauty and the Beast

The yearly Gesher play, based on “The Beauty and the Beast”, was held in Beit Am Bet on July 5th, 2017. Kol Ramah was there to capture the sounds of the show. Here is the 60 minutes podcast for you.

First Day Of KAYITZ 2017

First Day Of KAYITZ 2017

Listen to our WELCOME TO KAYITZ 2017 special show. Hosted by Yaniv Morozovsky, Liana Baranskiy and Jacob Varon.