Cinnamon Toast Brunch EP – On the Radio


This EP was recorded live in the Studio of Radio Kol Ramah by Liana Baranskiy.

Growing Pains (The Tree Song) was written by Jeff Weisz; for a more detailed discussion regarding its creation and inspiration we invite you to listen to the interview from our previous podcast on Kol Ramah Kolramahberkshires – Growing-pains-jeff-weisz-featuring-jacob-sandler. This recording features Jacob “Milk” Sandler on back-up vocals, and Adam Weingarten on Darbuka (Israeli Hand Drum).

Little Piece of Mind was musically composed by Jeff Weisz and lyrically by Jeff along with Adam Weingarten who is featured on this track singing back-up vocals as well as on his trusted drum. The vocal harmonies were further arranged by Jacob Sandler (Milk), and he is featured singing back up along with Cinnamon Toast Brunch’s keyboard player Josh Ehrlich. To be clear there are no keyboards on this recording. It’s the Jeff, Milk, Adam and Josh singing in harmony that create the Beatles and Crosby, Stills Nash and Young vibe.

“Red Delicious” – like the well known apple. Music and Lyrics are primarily attributed to Jeff Weisz, though this stands as the first true collaboration of Jeff, Jacob Sandler and Adam Weingarten pitching in on the lyrics as well. Jacob Sandler arranged the intense harmonies on the bridge and sings lead in that section “See what you’ve done” and the Low Bass-y “your song has now been sung.” The rest is Jeff on lead vocals and guitar, Adam on back-up and darbuka, and Josh Erlich and Milk filling in the back up vocal harmonies.

Red Delicious is an homage to the biblical imagery of the Garden of Eden with allusions to the Snake, the apple and Methusaleh who was the oldest living person recorded in the book of Genesis (969 years). Interesting point about that, scholars today believe that the years of early genesis were based on a fully lunar calendar, making the year a mark of the lunar cycle–meaning in actuality Methusaleh might have only lived 969 months (or 80 years). Still remarkable for that time, but much more believable in today’s modern terms.

Cinnamon Toast Brunch  is excited to announce that we will continue writing, playing and performing together in future summers, with most of us based in New York City this upcoming year. We will potentially be playing at the Ramah Annual Fund Dinner in December. To stay updated on our jam sessions, gigs, and progress you can check us out at Cinnamon Toast Brunch on facebook. We’ve already begun the next set of songs which we’re hoping to lay down tracks for next summer if not sooner–perhaps in the Radio Kol Ramah Studio!!

Jacob “Milk” Sandler