Josh Ehrlich – Choral Torah Collective

Ma Tovu! / How Good! Music by Josh Ehrlich Text from Numbers 24:5-6 From the Choral Torah: 5 Books in 4 Parts Sung by The Choral Torah Collective (Arielle Green, Rebecca Herman, Jacob Sandler, Josh Rosenberg, Jeff Weisz, Max Silverstone, Michael Braun, Evan Feist, Josh Ehrlich, Leilah Rosen and Mira Davis) with party guests Copyright Josh Ehrlich 2019

Between 2018-2019 (the Jewish year 5779), Ramah Berkshires music director Josh Ehrlich composed one choral piece each week by selecting text from that week’s parshah and setting it for 4-part a cappella choir. Check out these selections from his debut performance of The Choral Torah: 5 Books in 4 Parts, as sung by The Choral Torah Collective — an ensemble stacked with the Ramah music staff.

Thank you Josh for allowing us to share this on Kol Ramah. See how many familiar Ramah faces you can find!