Parsha Talk Beshalach 5784 2024

Parsha Talk with Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Barry Chesler and Jeremy Kalmanofsky. Parashat B’shallach [Exodus 13:17–17:16], the fourth parashah in Sefer Sh’mot [the Book of Exodus] features the Song of the Sea [Exodus 15:1–19], which has become part of the morning prayer service. In introducing the show, Eliot framed our discussion as Anatomy of a Scene. We examined the four main figures [God, Moshe, Pharaoh, B’nai Yisrael], seeking to understand their motivations, evaluating their words and actions. This is a rather different approach for us, so we want to know how you liked it! Feel free to leave comments below, or write us at [email protected].
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the hostages, may they be returned to their homes safely, and the soldiers defending Israel, may they be removed from harm’s way.