Parsha Talk B’har B’chukotai 5781 -Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Jeremy Kalmanofsky and Barry Chesler

As with so many years, our reading of Leviticus this year comes to an end with a double portion, B’har-B’huqotai [Lev. 25-27]. We discuss the laws of the sabbatical year and the jubilee year, and Rashi’s famous comment on the first verse [you have to listen to the podcast for the pop-cultural reference with which it is connected]. There are rules for the poor, and the תוכחה [tokhehah, the lengthy passage of rebuke with the description of what will befall the people and their land for the failure to observe God’s commandments]. As is our wont, the conversation meanders, which is perhaps appropriate for a reading with a 7-year and a 50-year cycle. Shabbat Shalom!