Parsha Talk Emor 5781. Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Jeremy Kalmanofsky and Barry Chesler

Parashah Talk for Emor [Lev. 21-24) was recorded a day early this week, but as befits a parashah entitled Emor [“Say”], we had a lot about which to talk. We covered the material in the parashah: the curious wording of the 1st verse in the Hebrew (21:1), the requirements, restrictions, and limitations on the kohen [priest] (21-22), the notion of qiddush ha-shem [sanctification of God’s name] (22:31-33), the holidays (23), and the blasphemer (24). We took note of current events, the death of Bernie Madoff, and connected it with the Torah reading. Before you know it, we will be concluding the Book of Leviticus, with next week’s double portion, B’har-B’hukotai. Shabbat Shalom!