Parsha Talk – Noach

Parashat Noach [Genesis 6:9-11:32] always brings back a flood of memories! Rabbis Eliot Malomet and Jeremy Kalmanofsky, together with yours truly, Rabbi Barry Chesler, discuss the claims to Noah’s greatness, the command to leave the Ark when the water subsides, and the disturbing incident of Noah’s drunkenness. We find a little time to touch upon the Family of Nations [chapter 10] and the Tower of Babel [first part of chapter 11]. Our conversation has to end at some point, so we did not quite make it to the end of the parashah. Just as last week’s parashah concludes with mention of Noah in preparation for this week, so too this week’s parashah concludes with mention of Avram [later renamed Avraham] in preparation for next week’s. Perhaps this is where we will begin next week.
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