Parsha Talk Pinchas Kayitz 2022

Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Barry Chesler and Jeremy Kalmanofsky present Parsha Talk. Parashat Pinchas [Numbers 25:10-30:1] is the parashah that is most read from during the year, since the maftir reading for Rosh Chodesh and the holidays comes from chapters 28-29. But there is a lot more here, including the end of the story which began at the end of Balak last week. There, the Israelites go astray at Baal Peor and Pinchas takes matters into his own hands by killing two people caught in fragrante delicto. Parashat Balak ends with the notice of 24,000 Israelites dying in the plague. This week the focus is on Pinchas and God’s response to his deed. We talked about this, but also about Moshe, commanded here to go up the mountain for a look at the Promised Land that he will not enter, and what that might mean to him. And, there is the appointment of Joshua as his successor. Still, there is much more we might have discussed. So listen now, and come back next year! Shabbat Shalom!!