Parsha Talk Vaera 2021

Join Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Jeremy Kalmonfsky and Barry Chesler on this MLK weekend as we celebrate and remember Dr. King, whose transformative message is tied to our early chapters of the book of Shemot.

Parashat Va-era [Exodus 6:2-9:35] opens with a theological bang, the declaration by God that He did not make Himself known to the patriarchs by the same name as He made Himself known to Moses [6:2-3]. A little later, Moses gives, as it were, his first sermon [in particular, 6:6-8], with the 4-5 words of redemption which are each represented by a cup of wine at the Passover Seder. The people do not listen, because of qotzer ru’ah [diminished spirit] and hard work; a modern idiom might say that Moses bombed! And then we get the first seven plagues. Our conversation meanders, as is our wont, but there should be something for everyone! As always, comments and criticisms are welcome at [email protected]. Shabbat Shalom!