Parsha TalkT’rumah 5782 2022

Parsha Talk – with Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Jeremy Kalmanofsky and Barry Chesler. Parashat T’rumah [Exodus 25:1-27:18] begins the Torah’s lengthy disquisition on the building of the Tabernacle, whose plan and construction will take up most of the remaining chapters of Exodus. This week and next the Torah will describe in great detail how the Tabernacle should be constructed, including descriptions of the furniture and utensils, and then, separated by the episode of the Golden Calf, the Torah will describe the actual building of the Tabernacle. Our conversation this week is perhaps more theological than usual for us, and less tethered to the text. Perhaps we discuss one specific verse, but not much more! Still, the time went quickly. Before we knew it, we were wishing a Shabbat Shalom, which I shall echo here. Shabbat Shalom!