Voice for the voiceless – Responsibility as a Jewish Value

Solelim special of Voice for the Voiceless.

What is the value of responsibility and how its affect our jewish lives?

Voice for the Voiceless is a podcast produced campers from Bogrim (going to 9th grade). In the podcast, which take place as part of the Jewish studies in camp Ramah in the Berkshires, the campers learn and raise awareness for different ‘Voiceless’ groups and individuals.
The story of the exodus, the redemption from slavery, is an essential story of the Jewish heritage. This is not only an historic story, but a commandment for us, as Jews, to open our eyes for those who suffer oppression. 
The different episodes of Voice for the Voiceless deals with issues from our surrounding and reach out for those who struggle to express the oppression they are going through.